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The Ultimate Guide to Bedding Items

When it comes to getting a good night's sleep, the right bedding items can make all the difference. From pillows to duvets, bedsheets to cushions, each element plays a crucial role in creating a comfortable and restful sleep environment. In this blog post, we will explore how these bedding items are perfect for us and contribute to a better sleep experience.

What makes the perfect pillow?

A good pillow is essential for proper neck and spine alignment, which is crucial for a restful sleep. The perfect pillow should provide adequate support and comfort based on individual preferences. It should be neither too firm nor too soft, allowing the head to rest in a neutral position. Additionally, pillows made from hypoallergenic materials are ideal for those with allergies or sensitivities.

Why duvets are a game-changer?

Duvets are a popular choice for bedding due to their versatility and comfort. They provide warmth without the weight of traditional blankets and can be easily adjusted to suit different seasons. The perfect duvet should have the right fill power, indicating its insulating ability. Additionally, duvets with breathable and moisture-wicking properties contribute to a comfortable sleep environment.

The importance of high-quality bedsheets

Bedsheets are in direct contact with our skin, making their quality crucial for a comfortable sleep experience. The perfect bedsheets should be made from breathable and soft materials, such as cotton or bamboo, to promote airflow and regulate body temperature. Additionally, bedsheets with a high thread count are more durable and less prone to pilling, ensuring long-lasting comfort.

How cushions enhance sleep quality?

Cushions, also known as decorative pillows, not only add a touch of style to our beds but also contribute to better sleep quality. The perfect cushions should provide adequate support for the back and neck while adding a layer of comfort. They can help alleviate pressure points and promote proper spinal alignment, ensuring a more restful sleep.

Investing in the right bedding items is essential for creating a sleep environment that is perfect for us. From choosing the right pillow to selecting high-quality bedsheets, each element plays a crucial role in enhancing sleep quality. So, take the time to find the perfect bedding items that suit your preferences and enjoy a good night's sleep like never before.

The big spring clean is an activity that certainly divides opinion and, much like Marmite, people tend to love it or hate it.

Last month, we asked for your opinions on the matter, only 6% said they love it and the majority (35%) of respondents said they don’t like doing chores, but love having a clean house so think it’s worth it!

However you feel about getting on your marigolds, we’ve teamed up with some of our favorite cleaning bloggers to share some top tips on keeping your soft furnishings looking tip-top throughout the year!  

Rejuvenating your cushions

To keep your cushions looking plump and inviting, Lynsey, the lovely lady behind Queen of Clean, recommends…

Most cushion covers that are removable can be put in the washing machine – but always check the label before doing so! I recommend a 30 degree cycle as well as a spoonful of bicarbonate of soda with your detergent to help keep colours bright and the fibres strong. For any cushions that aren’t machine washable, a really good beat outside will help release any dust and dirt. You’ll be really surprised at how this can really liven up your soft furnishings!

Rejuvenating cushions

You could even add a couple more cushions to your collection to spruce things up even more.

Freshening up the bed

To thoroughly spring clean your entire bed from top to bottom, Wendy from Daisies and Pie recommends…

Firstly, take off all your bedding – including the mattress protector if you use one – and launder it according to the instructions on the label. Then vacuum the mattress to remove dead skin cells and dust and wipe down the headboard, base and legs. Some mattresses can even be steam cleaned (again, check the label!) but make sure you leave plenty of time for it to air dry before putting the fresh, clean bed linen back on.

Fresh bedding

And if you simply can’t face doing such a deep clean, you can always treat yourself to some fresh new bed linen

The all-rounder

Gemma, otherwise known as The Organised Mum, shares her top tip for soft furnishings throughout the house:

In an ideal world all soft furnishings could be bundled in the washing machine to keep them clean and fresh, but this isn’t always possible! So for the items that are hard to wash or can’t be washed at all, I always have an antibacterial aerosol spray in my cleaning caddy. This can be sprayed onto soft furnishings safely and doesn’t need to be wiped off, so it is perfect to help freshen up. The perfect quick fix!

Cleaning soft furnishings

Pillows can be a problem item to clean, as they’re not machine-washable, so why not try these pillow protectors to provide an extra layer of protection.

Now there are no excuses for not having a spring clean as we’ve provided you with a few tips and tricks, regardless of whether you’ll be having a thorough deep clean or a light freshen up!

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