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Bamboo Pillow Memory Foam Soft with Removable Cover


Bamboo Pillow Memory Foam Soft with Removable Cover

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Bamboo Pillow Memory Foam

Continuing our high standard quality of products, we have launched our new product Bamboo Pillow Memory Foam. As well as, like all other Products, our first priority is to ensure the best quality of this product for the long-lasting and best experience.

Mold to your shape to give optimal support and comfort.

The ergonomic design provides an ideal sleeping posture for the relief of back, neck, and shoulder pain.

The foam quickly remolds to your shape when moving to ensure that your head and neck are supported throughout the night.


40cm x 70cm

Fill Material:

Shredded Memory Foam

Pillow Cover Material:

100% Cotton

Washing instructions:

Wash in Warm Water,

Never Exceeding 120 F,

Use Mild Detergent,

Do NOT Bleach/Chloride;

Do NOT Over Load or Under Load Machine;

Do NOT mix with Other Textiles;

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