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4x 100% Cotton Pillow Protectors Washable Anti allergic Zipped Entry 74x48cm

4x 100% Cotton Pillow Protectors Washable Anti allergic Zipped Entry 74x48cm

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100% Cotton Hypoallergenic Pack of 4 Pillow Protectors With Zip Entry, White Color, Size 74x48cm Approx.

Pillow Protectors Are a Great Way of Prolonging the Life of Your Pillow Whilst Adding An Extra Layer of Protection And Comfort.

Our Pillow Protectors are Anti Allergenic So They are Perfect For Allergy Suffers and Will Prevent Dust Mites From Penetrating Your Pillow. Dust Mites are The Single Most Cause Of Allergies, Breathing Difficulties And Asthma - This Is Just One Reason Why You Should Protect Your Pillow Today!

They have a Zip on One End to Ensure a Good Fit Whilst Keep Dust Mites Out.

Each pillow protector is hypoallergenic and benefits from the revolutionary Bi-O me treatment for complete protection against common allergens (dust mites, bacteria, mold, pollen, etc) learn to forget sneezing and tissues over time.

Perfect for all the family. Our anti-allergy pillow protector have a special treatment to prevent the growth of potentially harmful bacteria so you’ll be able to sleep easy.

Specially treated to protect from harmful bacteria for comfortable and peaceful sleep.
Waterproof, dust proof, stain resistant pillow protectors.
Perfect to keep your pillows clean and fresh longer.
Made of high quality anti allergy 100% Cotton material.
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