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Aloe Vera Anatomical Orthopedic Anti-mite Memory Foam Pillows, Anti Allergenic..

Aloe Vera Anatomical Orthopedic Anti-mite Memory Foam Pillows, Anti Allergenic..

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Pack of 1, 2 & 4 Aloe Vera Memory Foam Pillows

Premium Deluxe Super Firm

Our Aloe Vera memory foam pillow has been proven good for skin and helps to glow your skin and it's a skin care product while you are asleep and to be more breathable than Traditional memory foam pillows.

This pillow is not only comfortable, molding to your shape for great support, but will help to keep you cool too providing more comfort with less weight, it won't weigh you up as you rest your head.

Memory foam can adapt to every form of our body supporting. It improves blood circulation, reducing muscles and nerves stress.

This pillow contains cool foam padding that keeps it at a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

The bamboo fiber keeps moisture away from the skin and contributes to optimum temperature and moisture exchange so that you can find this pillow warm in winter and cool in summer. The antibacterial, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic bamboo cover provides dust mite-free sleep soft as Down, firm as foam.

Memory foam found in this pillow is softer and fluffier than conventional foam pillows support the neck and head preventing and strain ideal as pregnancy pillows.

Perfect for sleeping positions.

Pillow Size:    70cm x 40cm Approx.


Filling: Memory Foam

Outer Cover: Aloe Vera


Weight of Pillow: 1100 grams

Washing Instructions:

Wash in warm water,

Never Exceeding 120 F.

Use mild detergent,

Do not bleach/Chloride.

Do not overload or under load machine.

Do not mix with other textiles.

Tumble dry.

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