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Hollowfiber V Shaped Pillow Head Neck Back Support V Pillow

Hollowfiber V Shaped Pillow Head Neck Back Support V Pillow

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v shaped pillow

We are introducing a V-shaped pillow for our customers. V shape pillow is filled with the hollow fiber of fine quality for increase pleasure. These pillows are very helpful for your neck and back support, in case, you are not comfortable with long U-Pillows for full-body support. You can always count on this one.

These Hollow fiber filled orthopedic V-shaped pillows are ideal for providing support to your Head neck or back and are great for those suffering from back problems.

This pillow can give you relief in your back or neck pain and you can also use it for support on chairs and the floor. This V shape Pillow is 100% non-allergic for everyone even for kids. This V shape pillow is best for toddlers.

It can also be used on your lap for working, feeding your baby, or reading.

Material Filling:Hollow fiber
Size:Standard Size V Pillow 74x34cm
Room:Bedroom, Children's Bedroom
Features:Hypoallergenic, Washable

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