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Duck Feather Down Bolster Pillow Cushion Long Body Support Orthopedic Pregnancy

Duck Feather Down Bolster Pillow Cushion Long Body Support Orthopedic Pregnancy

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Bolster Pillow

The Cover of this Bolster Pillow is made of  100% White Cambric Cotton. This fabric ensures that your feathers do not smell, peak out of the cover or allow mites to enter the feathers. The cushion pads are filled with 100% duck feathers giving you a more luxurious feel along with making your covers look pumped and fresh.

Premium Quality Soft & Durable Duck feather Bolster Pillow is Ideal for Maternity Support Whilst Sleeping, Provides Lumbar Support When Sitting or Lying and Can Be Overlapped to Elevate Exhausted, Achy or Swollen Legs and Arms. Our Bolster Pillows Also Can Be Used as Additional Support During Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy to Provide More Support. The Pillows Will Fit Across the Width of the Respective Bed Size. This Bolster Pillow Is Ideal for Adding Extra Comfort and Elevation in Bed.

They have the softness of down for comfort and the lightest small feathers for the loft to provide a restful and comfortable night’s sleep. All our natural pillows contain fillings that have been washed, sterilized and steam purified to the European Down & Feather Association's highest standards making them hypoallergenic.

This product is ideal for Maternity support Whilst sleeping, Provides lumbar support when Sitting or Lying, and can be overlapped to elevate exhausted, achy, or Swollen Legs and Arms. The Long shape makes it a good choice for the Back of the Hand to Sit and Read or Watch TV. Our bolster pillows are safe for use with Babies. Fully Stitched And Overlooked For Durability.

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Bolster Pillow Material:

100% Duck Feather & Down

Single: 3ft / 19" x 36"
Small Double: 4ft /19" x 48"
Double: 4ft 6 Inch / 19" x 54"
King: 5ft / 19" x 60"
Super King: 6ft / 19" x 72"
Type: Bolster

Washing Instructions:

Filling conform to the Furniture & Furnishing  (Fire) (Safety) 1988 and to Bs 1425

Washable, must dry on the sunshine, don't leave water inside.
Sponge clean with a weak solution of detergent & warm water only and dry thoroughly.
Don't use soap or bleach.
Do not dry clean.
Suitable For The Whole Family.

Please allow 2-3 DAYS for the product to arrive.

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