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Hollowfibre Cushion Pads Inner Inserts Scatters Filler Deep Filled Plump Cushion

Hollowfibre Cushion Pads Inner Inserts Scatters Filler Deep Filled Plump Cushion

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Hollow fiber Deep Filled Square & Rectangular Cushion Pads Inserts Scatters Filler Home Sofa Bed Chair Decor Plump Pillow Available in 14”16”18”20”22”24”26”28”30”12x18" 12x20" 14x18" 14x20" 16"x20" 16x24"

These cushion pads are generously filled with virgin hollow fiber filling and are the perfect choice for use as scatter cushions on sofas and large chairs or as comfy floor cushions for your living room, playroom, and bedroom.

Hollow fiber cushion pads naturally hypoallergenic, anti-dust mite and anti-allergy, this cushion pad is ideal for allergy sufferers, small children or those looking for a feather alternative.

These soft hollow fiber filled cushion pads provide excellent comfort and will snug nicely into those decorative cushion covers.

Hollow fiber is great for indoor and outdoor use as well as ideal for resting on your sofa while watching TV or snuggling into when you are reading in bed.

It’s available in a variety of sizes and is machine washable to ensure your home decor remains fresh, season after season.

The hollowness cushion pad retains its shape keeping your cushions looking the best they can at all times.

Note: You may receive your item in a compressed and sealed packing. Please shake cushions to return to their normal shape as they are dispatched vacuum packed.

We recommend purchasing one size larger than the cushion cover for a plump  look.

Available Sizes:
12" x 18" inches (30cm x 45cm) Approx.
12" x 20" inches (30cm x 50cm) Approx.
14" x 18" inches (35cm x 45cm) Approx.
14" x 20" inches (35cm x 50cm) Approx.
16" x 20" inches (40cm x 50cm) Approx.
16" x 24" inches (40cm x 60cm) Approx.
14" x 14" inches (35cm x 35 cm) Approx.
16" x 16" inches (40cm x 40 cm) Approx.
18" x 18" inches (45cm x 45 cm) Approx.
20" x 20" inches (50cm x 50 cm) Approx.
22" x 22" inches (55cm x 55 cm) Approx.
24" x 24" inches (60cm x 60 cm) Approx.
26" x 26" inches (65cm x 65 cm) Approx.
28" x 28" inches (70cm x 70 cm) Approx.
30" x 30" inches (75cm x 75 cm) Approx.

Note: All measurements are approximate and taken when flat.


Filling: 100% Hollow Fiber

Outer Cover: 100% Polypropylene

Care Instructions:

Sponge Clean Only

Carelessness Causes Fire

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