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ARLINENS Hollow fiber Stripes Pillows Hotel Quality Bounce Back Pillows Pack of 2,4,6,8

ARLINENS Hollow fiber Stripes Pillows Hotel Quality Bounce Back Pillows Pack of 2,4,6,8

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Luxury Hotel Quality Stripes Pillow Hollow fiber Filled Bounce Back Pillows Anti Allergenic Poly cotton Cover Available in Pack of 2, 4,6,8

The stripe pillow is a luxurious and elegant pillow designed to provide comfort and style. It features a unique design with stripes made of smooth and soft fabric, creating a visually appealing and sophisticated appearance. The pillow is rectangular shape, with dimensions that vary based on personal preference.

The virgin hollow fiber filling introduces bounce back features in stripe pillows and helps in retaining their shape.

Hollow fiber filling used in the pillow and Poly cotton cover is known for its softness and smooth texture, offering a delightful sensation against the skin.

The stripe pillow is designed to provide excellent support and cushioning for your head and neck, making it suitable for a variety of sleeping positions.

This pillow is dust-mite resistant, sneeze-free, and moisture-wicking thanks to its anti-allergy Poly cotton cover fabric and Hollow fiber filling, making it more comfortable to sleep.

The stripe pillow adds a touch of luxury and elegance to any bedroom decor. The stripes create a visually appealing pattern that can complement various interior design styles, from classic to contemporary.

These bed pillows are suitable for every age for instance kids, couple, man, woman, boy, girl, old age, husband, and wife.


Filling: 100% Hollow fiber

Cover: Poly cotton

Available Size:

29”x19” (75cm x 50cm) Approx.

Care Instructions:

Machine Washable at 40 degrees

Do not bleach.

Do not Iron.

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